Ken GrantConnect, Move & Inspire!

As a performer, motivational speaker, concert pianist, composer, author, observer, teacher and brand advisor, my calling is to “Inspire Others To Inspire Themselves and Those Around Them.”

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imageUnconventional  Connectivity!

Piano, music and improv, is spontaneous and special. It is non-threatening and fun and it helps me better connect with my audience.

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Ken GrantBig Programs for Big

The pressure is on to make a real and lifelong connection with your customers – that starts with how your employees view themselves. ‘You Are The Brand’ Keynote & Training Programs, empower individuals to be more magnificent, thusly making for a more powerful team.

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Yoga_Cover_Mock_031014Personal Development 

‘Yoga In A Business Suit’ Book and Keynote, will captivate you with its 10 uniquely powerful metaphors and parallels between the art of yoga and the hard-hitting world of business.

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“Ken’s high-energy presentation titled: “YOU are the brand” was a non-stop ride of humor and direct questioning while also being very enlightening. In an era of electronic ‘relationships’, Ken plants thought as to “what do I do?”, “how am I different?” and “what do others think about me?”. This presentation was useful to business owners, sales teams and job candidates. Hang on and pay attention!!!”

Marni Ness, ISES

“Ken was hired to help us with a brand audit. The passion and plan for the task were brilliant with awesome results. Ken’s approach is unique, thorough, creative and his execution is unparalleled. We were extremely impressed with the process, and ultimately, the final results. Ken’s brand expertise, eye-for-detail, and great sense of humor provide a great platform to work from. I have no hesitation recommending Ken as a top-notch brand strategist worth hiring!”

Guy Lawrence, BOYNE / Summit at Snoqualmie

“Ken’s energetic style, mingled with Aussie humor and levity, allows those listening to relax and more readily take in the valuable information being offered. Ken is able to demystify the concept of branding—one that often eludes even seasoned pros— in such a way that the audience is able to reposition the concept in their minds, view it as a ‘friendly’ notion and become comfortable with it”.

Karen Malody, Culinary Options

“Ken’s mind is on loan from the Jazz tradition maybe Coltrane or Mose Allison. He systematically extracts the core characteristics of a business offering and blasts it out to the Aether, and what comes back is an iconic representation of the essence of who you are or what your company represents to the customer. (So they can recognize that). If my plug is too hard to understand, just trust me he does great work.

Dr. Michael Schiesser, Physician, Author, Speaker and Addictions Expert

– Dr. Michael Schiesser, Creekside Sleep Center

“Ken is an amazing speaker. He’s so casual, charming, and funny, that just when you think you’ve had a relaxed, enjoyable hour listening to him talk, you suddenly realize you’ve also learned something invaluable that you’re going to put to work in your business the second you get back to the office.”

Larry Asher, School of Visual Arts- Seattle

“I am impressed by the ease by which Ken communicates the marketing message. I appreciate the enthusiasm and passion that moves him as a speaker and challenges the audience to be engaged and thinking.”

Rick Braa, Principal at AMP Services, LLC

“Ken is a “big-brain” thinker. Never one to settle for status quo, he is constantly thinking “outside the box” to create success for his clients and in turn, his company. He has a great ability to pair creativity with solid, strategic planning and it shows in the quality of the work he does. Ken also has an exuberance and enthusiasm for work and life, and it shows in everything he does. He’s a pro and a joy to work with.”

Shirley Eclipse, Expedia, Inc

“Ken is one of those rare marketers who truly gets not only the big picture but the road map of how to execute on even the most complicated plan. He is part coach, part cheerleader and part quarterback. Any company that needs an outside resource to help them both build and execute a game plan, AND march them down the field to get on the board when the game is on the line–and right now, in today’s economy, the game IS on the line–wants Ken and his partners on their team.”

Michael Flynn, Compendium Inc.

Ken is one of the most creative, energetic and engaging people I have ever worked with. His talent lies in his ability to be big picture, visionary and bull’s-eye on target with client’s needs. I highly recommend Ken – he has a tremendous passion for all he does and a great sense of humor to go with an incredibly bright mind!”

Charlie Gardner, The Seattle Times Company

“Ken Grant is whip-smart with personality and ideas that stand out in the crowd in a big-bold-brave manner. Talent + passion + the brain power to execute smart concepts = Ken.”

Meilee Anderson, Seattle Southside Visitor Service

Our team really enjoyed the seminar.  Thank you for delivering spot-on content and exceeding our expectations. Thank you!

Patrick Walker, Vice President  VMC  | VOLT

“Ken is a seasoned brand adviser and a profound entertainer capable of energizing crowds and inspiring individuals to take action. He somehow manages to mix improvisational comedy with deep insights in a way that allows people to let down their guard just long enough to poke fun at their personal facades and catch a glimpse of their true selves. His unique approach to personal and professional branding is a refreshing “must have.”

Patrick Hopp, Ph.D Psychologist at Leadership Development Worldwide

I wanted to express a big THANK YOU! Because you believed, we are on a fantastic journey. It took someone like you to break the hold of our past. Thank you for helping us follow the Dream; the dream of a being a “World Class Restaurant”.

ChefWag: Ray’s Boathouse, Cafe & Catering

Ken is one of the most gifted communicators I’ve had the privilege to encounter. Having observed Ken in a variety of public speaking situations, I’m consistently amazed by how quickly and effortlessly he seems to be able to size up his audience, amp up the energy level in the room, and find a way to get his message across in a way that is both educational as well as fiercely entertaining.

Matt Youngquist, Career Horizons

– Matt Youngquist, Career Horizons

“Ken Grant speaks with such ease and passion on the topic of ‘being the brand’. It is easy to see why our audience of HR professionals really enjoyed his presentation”
Anne Haller, Association of Washington Business


“Thank you for your investment in helping us be more successful from the big (and small) picture. You’ve been able to stretch our creative thinking and ultimately our end results. You are a shot of high-octane in our meetings, but genuine, brilliant, and overall highly effective at what you do. Keep doing what you do!!!”

Laurie Hauser: Director of Marketing – Absco Solutions


“WOW, simply WOW! Your workshop blew our minds!”
Michele Havens, Northern Trust


“Ken has a wonderful gift of bringing his clients’ professional passion to life. His dedication to his clients, along with his focus, high expectations, coaching and energy led our company to achieve what I would never have dreamt possible. He excels at creating the challenges and setting the bar in such a way that his clients own the result, a vital component for successful implementation. Any organization working with Ken will find their team highly motivated, energized and dedicated, more committed to their work, each other and themselves. And enjoying it immensely!”